The Global Health Emphasis is open to both fall and spring students. Only students who enroll in the fall semester will take the following August modular course:


Semester Courses

The following Global Health courses are offered during the regular USP semester.

Cross Cultural Practicum & Global Health Seminar (4 credits) 

Prof. Micah Hughes

The Cross Cultural Practicum (3 credits) and Global Health Seminar (1 credit) are taught as a combined course that is required for all Global Health Students. The Cross Cultural component provides students with the opportunity to enrich their understanding of culture as well as further develop and practice their own cultural competence through active service learning and participation and integration into a Ugandan community. A list of eight cross-cultural competencies will serve as guideposts as students learn and grow through their experiences: openness, flexibility, engagement, self-awareness, cultural humility, adaptability/ resilience, cross-cultural skills and integration. 

This course seeks to expose students to a wide variety of perspectives and practices in cross-cultural engagement here in Uganda, as each student seeks to understand his/her own unique vocation in a global context. Students will engage in their respective living context communities: UCU for on-campus students, and local neighborhoods for Homestay students, interact with guest speakers in class, and visit several organizations in Uganda. Weekly written reflections are the primary method by which students will connect the dots between these experiences and classroom learning and life.

Global Health Students will complete a minimum of 80 hours at an approved practicum site and will meet for an additional hour each week for the Global Health Seminar to discuss and process issues relating to their health related internships. 

Cross Cultural Practicum & Global Health Seminar Syllabus

Cross-Cultural Practicum Sites


Infectious Disease & Epidemiology (4 credits) 

Prof. Micah Hughes

This course will bring students of multiple pre health and public health profession tracks to the essential understandings of fundamental immunology and the etiology and epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases of global health. This course will provide undergraduate scientific understanding to the global health seminar and practicum experiences of field placements within a didactic and discussion based classroom experience. This course is organized into three (3) blocks, which will investigate different aspects of the fundamentals of immunology as it relates to infectious disease and global health. Each week will contain assigned readings from the texts, with supplemental handouts. Each day of class subsequent to the first day of class will have a quiz, each block will end with an exam, and the course culminates with a comprehensive final exam. 

Infectious Disease & Epidemiology Syllabus