The following reviews are conducted by the Student Academic Programs Commission (SAPC).

SAPC, a liaison body with the Council membership, serves as a source of review, advice, and accountability for Council student programs and as a guarantor of the quality of these programs. SAPC has six members appointed for staggered terms of two or three years, and these members feature at least three chief academic officers and once chief student development officer serving at all times.

SAPC meets twice yearly and provides oversight of the general academic and student-life aspects of all Council-managed student programs. Through written reports, review of published information, and extensive onsite visits, the full Commission reviews and recommends policies and procedures applicable to any or all of the programs.

You'll find the most recent SAPC report from each program below:

Australia Studies Centre

American Studies Program

Contemporary Music Center

Los Angeles Film Studies Program

Latin American Studies Program

Middle East Studies Program

Oxford Summer Programme

Scholars' Semester in Oxford

Uganda Studies Program