Songs are the raw material of the music industry. Students in the Artist Elective are required to write songs that they will then record and perform.

Artist Elective students will:

  • Write original songs to be reviewed/critiqued by faculty, leading to subsequent re-writes and further review
  • Develop song arrangements along with writing song charts, so that the original songs can be rehearsed with a band and performed both on stage and in the recording studio.  Arrangements are reviewed each week during Hammer Time and critiqued by faculty.
  • Record a stripped-down demo of the song with click track for Pre-production to prepare for recording sessions
  • Produce and record at least two “Master Tracks” using scheduled studio time
  • Perform in the weekly CMC Live show, which is recorded on video for review with the entire class the following day (Game Tape).
  • Perform along with serving as a stage hand/setup crew on the week-long CMC Live Tour to various colleges.
  • Work with a “Manager” from the Business Elective to compile a portfolio of headshots, performance photos, video footage, and recorded material to take with you.


Essentials of Song Writing

3 Credits

Artists receive classroom instruction, participate in directed study with staff and work in collaboration with other students to develop their use of form, melody, harmony, rhythm and lyric. Emphasis is placed on the song as the vehicle for the artist's creative exploration and public communication. (Possible Credit: Creative Writing, Music, Individual Studies.)

Essentials of Songwriting Syllabus

Studio Recording

3 Credits

Artists, via both the classroom and lab, work with faculty, other students and visiting experts to learn how to produce, record, mix and edit recordings in a professional digital recording studio. (Possible Credit: Music, Individual Studies, Recording Techniques, Electronic Music, MIDI.)

Studio Recording Syllabus


3 Credits

In consultation with staff and Executive Elective students, artists develop a live concert presentation that best utilizes their gifts as musicians, entertainers and communicators. Both on-campus showcases and public performances are presented throughout the semester. (Possible Credit: Music, Individual Studies, Recital, Large and Small Ensemble, Major Practical Studies.)

Performance Syllabus