The year-long programme gives students a chance to engage fully in the University of Oxford as resident members.

The first semester is, in many respects, a time for adjusting to a challenging new style of research libraries and individual tutorials. By the second semester, students feel at home - and they can thus focus wholeheartedly on their studies, or perhaps join a club or society they didn’t feel they had time for in the first semester.

Students normally attend their first semester in the autumn and remain through spring, but the alternate is always possible. Regardless, students considering this opportunity should apply for a year in Oxford from the start, as this makes the visa application more straightforward. 



The second semester gives students a chance to continue working in their chosen discipline, to pursue interdisciplinary studies, or to personalise a programme of courses. Second-term students work under the supervision of a specialist tutor to write a thesis which is often used as preparation for graduate school applications or for a senior thesis at home. Many students testify that this specialized, intensive project significantly shapes their vocational aspirations.

In addition to a primary and secondary tutorial, returning students may take either British Core Course II (featuring unique lectures and field trips) or a new Undergraduate Research Seminar. Students have free choice, but many have found the seminar option difficult to balance with the thesis.

More information is available in the SCIO Prospectus.