Program Director

Deborah Berho

Berho taught Spanish at George Fox Univresity for 19 years, and served as department chair for two years. She has lived and studied in Costa Rica, Chile and Ecuador and has evaluated study abroad programs in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages has also awarded her a "superior" rating for her Spanish language skills. In addition, Berho is a scholar of Latino Protestantism and plans to study the rapid growth of Protestantism in Central America.


LASP Faculty and Assistants

Additional Latin and North American personnel assist in seminar courses, concentrations, language instruction, the administration of host families, travel and practicum/internship experiences.

Javier Arguedas Ruano, Faculty & Experiential Learning Director

Javier is a regionally recognized expert in political science, conflict transformation, and law. Javier holds an M.S. in Political Science from the University of Costa Rica, a Professional Licensure in Law from the Autonomous University of Central America, and a National Certificate as a Legal Mediator. Prior to his work with LASP, Javier served as the Secretary General for the Penal Branch of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court and as a professor at several local universities.  


Jessica Sánchez, Administrative Coordinator

Jessica has served as LASP Administrative Coordinator since 1999. Her many responsibilities at LASP include host family selection and accounting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Human Resources from the Universidad Latina, and a Licenciatura in Clinical Psychology from Universidad Fidelitas. Jessica is an active leader of young married couples in her church.


Britney Villhauer, Program Coordinator

Britney joined the LASP team in 2013, after attending the program as a student in the spring 2010 semester. She holds bachelors’ degrees in Biology and Spanish from Greenville College and a master’s degree in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership with an emphasis on Global Studies in Education from the University of Illinois. She also has two years of experience working in ministry in health care and study abroad in a rural community in Guatemala.


Carmen Luna, Spanish Program Coordinator

Carmen was born in Costa Rica but grew up in the United States, where she studied Spanish, French and English at City University of New York.  She worked at the United Nations for 15 years in New York and in Costa Rica.  For the past 20 years she has coordinated Spanish language programs in different institutions.  She has also been involved in translating into Spanish the Latin American and Caribbean section of the Encyclopedia of Religions in the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula.