Australia Studies Centre Is Latest BestSemester Program to Offer Internships

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ASC ClassroomWASHINGTON – In response to the growing interest in internship opportunities both domestically and abroad, the Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is the newest BestSemester program to add an internship option to its course offerings for spring 2015.

"Providing internships for students in Australia has been one of the ASC's long-term goals, and I'm so pleased that we can finally offer this opportunity,” said ASC Director Kimberly Spragg. “Facilitating hands-on, international work experience is an effective way of helping students connect their purpose with their vocation and to see both of those rooted in community and place.”

This now makes nine BestSemester programs that feature internship components. In addition to the ASC, the following BestSemester programs offer some form of internship, practicum or field placement for students:

  • American Studies Program
  • China Studies Program
  • Contemporary Music Center
  • India Studies Program
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • L.A. Film Studies Center
  • Uganda Studies Program
  • Washington Journalism Center.

“One of the highlights of our BestSemester programs is that they offer students a well-rounded educational experience,” says Leah Mullen, campus relations and marketing manager. “Our programs challenge students to step outside of the classroom and engage with local communities, service organizations and businesses. Internships are a big part of that offering as students learn about vocation and relate their faith to the work that they do.”

Starting this spring, ASC students may select from the following internship placements: human services (which includes social work, child protection, community center work and human resources), youth ministry, youth welfare, chaplaincy and community development. They will complete 100 placement hours throughout the semester and receive a professional mentor.

Students who register for an internship will also take a corequisite unit based on the placement they select. This is in addition to the required ASC core units, also known as the culture emphasis.

“This could not have happened without Christian Heritage College [ASC’s host university], which already provides excellent, well-supervised and academically rigorous internships for their local students,” Spragg said. “While we've initially opened up internships only in social sciences to make sure we implement them well, Christian Heritage College also offers placements in business, Christian ministries and teacher education. We hope these options will become available to ASC students in the coming years.”


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