2012 BestSemester Photo Contest Winners Announced

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Best Overall photo: "Youth" by BrittaLisa Gess, MESP, Fall 2008
Best Overall photo: "Youth" by BrittaLisa Gess, MESP, Fall 2008

BestSemester recently invited alumni from fall 2008 through spring 2012 to participate in the 2012 BestSemester Photo Contest. The contest attracted 150 participants who submitted over 500 total photographs.

The photo contest was hosted online this year, which allowed the public to view entries almost immediately and vote on their favorite photos. Contestants were invited to submit photos reflecting their BestSemester experience and fitting into one of three categories: Adventure, Community, or Discovery.

The grand prize for “Best Overall” photo was awarded to fall 2008 Middle East Studies Program alumna BrittaLisa Gess for her photo “Youth,” depicting MESP students making friends with teenage soldiers outside a hostel in East Jerusalem. 

When she learned of her winning photo, Gess commented, “I had numerous life-changing experiences on MESP and am so glad I was able to share some of those with people through my photography.”

Additional category winners include:

Adventure Winner: “Lovin' Life” by Barnabas Bridgman (Australia Studies Centre, Spring 2010)

Community Winner: “Universal Language” by BrittaLisaGess (Middle East Studies Program, Fall 2008)

Discovery Winner: “Did We Get It?” by Miles Allen (L.A. Film Studies Center, Spring 2012)

People's Choice Winner: “The Way We Get By” by Amy Lin (Scholars' Semester in Oxford, Spring 2011)

To view all of the winning photos, visit www.bestsemester.com/photocontest or www.facebook.com/bestsemester.


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