Terry Mattingly, Director

M.A. Church-State Studies, Baylor University
M.S. Mass Communications, University of Illinois
B.A. Journalism & History, Baylor University

Professor Mattingly Terry is a national columnist for the Scripps Howard News Service in Washington, D.C., and leads the GetReligion.org news site. He has been teaching journalism and media studies at the university level for nearly 20 years and reporting in mainstream media for 35 years. He directed the CCCU’s Summer Institute of Journalism (SIJ) from 1994-2005 and founded the Washington Journalism Center in fall 2006. He and his wife Debra live outside of Baltimore, MD.

DC Programs Staff

Kelley Griffin, DC Programs Administrator

Ms. Griffin joined the ASP and WJC team in 2013, after graduating from Erskine College in May 2013. An ASP alum, Kelley oversees ASP and WJC program admissions, orientation and exit logistics, and office administration, and helps to plan student and alumni activities. Kelley lives in the Dellenback Center and also assists with residence life.

James Kim, DC Programs Residence Director

Mr. Kim joined the ASP and WJC teams in 2009. He also continues to serve as the CCCU Facilities Manager, a position he has held since 2006. James previously worked as a Resident Director at Taylor University. He and his wife Deb (Director for Student Programs) live in the Dellenback Center with their two daughters. Mr. Kim oversees student life and is a key staff member in crisis management and student discipline for both DC programs.