Ellie Murphy taking in the view from the Speaker's Balcony

The cornerstone of your DC semester will be an internship, where you will learn the best practices and further develop the skills necessary to enter the workforce after graduation. No city has a stronger collection of internship opportunities with leading national and international organizations than Washington, DC.

For over 40 years, ASP students have been securing high-intensity, high-impact placements with Congressional offices and committees, federal agencies, international businesses, law firms, think tanks, and global relief-and-development organizations.

The list of sites at which our students have interned is impressive and ever-growing. Past internship sites include the U.S. State Department, the Office of the U.S. Speaker of the House, the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum, INTERPOL, and multiple law firms, think tanks, advocacy groups, nonprofits, public relations firms, and even the professional sports teams!

The internship will provide you with an opportunity to gain work experience in a professional setting related to your academic studies and career interests. You will learn more about how professional organizations actually operate, including how ideas and theories learned on campus are applied in real time. Reflective journaling requirements are designed to help you make connections between what you are learning in the classroom and on the job, identify the specific analytical and interpersonal skill sets you are developing, and seek a clearer understanding of how your identity and callings in Christ shape your work. Over 12 weeks, you will work Monday through Thursday for an average of 28 hours a week (over 300 hours total for the semester!).

The testimony of our alumni, many of whom received job offers directly from their internship site or because of a connection made during their internship, speaks to the high-quality work ASP students produce at their places of work and their respected reputation in the city.

Interested in reading first-hand accounts of the ASP internship experience? Check out our blog. Have questions about how to secure an internship in DC? Check out our Internship FAQ Page. Any other questions? Please contact us at (202) 546-3086 or at [email protected]er.com.