8-9 semester credits
(Possible Credit: Internships are typically related to the student's major field of study.)

No city has a stronger collection of internship opportunities with leading national and international organizations than Washington, D.C. For over 40 years, ASP students have been securing high-intensity, high-impact placements with Congressional offices and committees, federal agencies, international businesses, law firms, think tanks, and global relief-and-development organizations. The list of sites at which our alumni interned when they were ASP students is impressive and ever-growing. Students work four days a week for an average of 28 hours.

Internship Syllabus



1 semester credits
(Possible Credit: Leadership, Political/Social Science, Ethics, Religion/Theology)

Whether strategic communication or public policy brings you to ASP, you will join a leadership community bound by a shared commitment to learn how to translate your campus convictions into real-world application. Come to D.C. to catch a vision for what it takes to lead institutions against the injustices facing our nation and our world.

Professional Development Practicum Syllabus