Chat with classmates on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU) as you munch on a “rolex” (a local snack of eggs and Chapati). Just 15 miles from the capital city of Kampala, Mukono offers USP students the opportunity to participate in Ugandan culture. Whether you live with a host family or in the UCU dorms, you'll take part in a Ugandan homestay experience, something students describe as unforgettable. Along with trips throughout Uganda, venture on an eye-opening 10-day excursion to Rwanda.

Students in the Uganda Studies Program choose from one of the following academic emphases:

Social Work Emphasis (SWE)

Global Health Emphasis (GHE)

Interdisciplinary Emphasis (IE)

All options encourage students to participate in Ugandan life and explore the intricacy of cross-cultural relationships. Indeed, your most important Ugandan lessons will be in relationships. At home, at school and within the university, these relationships encourage deeper thought about your own cultural identity and how you engage with the world around you. UCU has over 6,000 students and Uganda’s renowned hospitality will help you form deep connections within the local community. Building upon the course Faith & Action, you’ll begin to place these diverse connections into context.