Dear Parents,

We know that it is a big decision to allow your son or daughter to study outside the US for a semester and an even bigger decision when the location is Africa. We want to provide you with information that will help you as you consider this decision with your son or daughter.

The Uganda Studies Program has been in operation since January of 2004, with more than 650 students having gone through the program. While here, your son/daughter will be a student at Uganda Christian University, which is conveniently located 15 miles from the capital city. This removes it from urban traffic and other inconveniences while placing us close enough to have access to the medical and transportation facilities of a major city.

We closely monitor the recommendations of the US State Department as well as the US Embassy here in Uganda whenever we travel. In addition, we have extensive contacts with missionaries and Ugandans in the places to which we travel and always consult locals if we have any concerns. The safety of our students and staff is a top priority for us.

Although we can't anticipate all the questions or concerns you may have about your son or daughter spending a semester in Uganda, we thought hearing from the parents of some former students might help. We have a list of USP alumni parents who would be happy to answer any questions you have via email. If you would like the email address of the parent of a USP alumnus or have questions for me, please do not hesitate to email us and ask ([email protected]).


Rachel Robinson

Uganda Studies Program Director