The USP staff would like to be in discussion and relationship with our alumni community.  We want to keep you updated with relevant resources for your future--both your thought life and your practical life.  Together with you, we hope to build an alumni community that is open to further learning and insight about issues that relate to East Africa and applications of thoughtful Christian living in America and beyond.

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Looking for opportunities to serve in Uganda?

We often get requests for recommendations of short and medium term service opportunities in Uganda.  Check out this list of potential service organizations, but we trust you will do your own research too!

Alumni Opportunites in Uganda

Would you like to serve as USP Program Assistant?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 USP Program Assistant position. The program assistant will be an active part of the USP staff, involved not only in making decisions about the program, but also mentoring USP students in spiritual, academic and interpersonal forums. For more information, download the USP Program Assistant Job Announcement and Description below.

USP Program Assistant Job Announcement 

USP Program Assistant Job Description