Program Location

You have probably heard a great deal about East Africa and Uganda, but like any region, the specific details within one area will vary greatly. Read our FAQ's to find out more about your location!


In the United States it is easy to stay connected to family and friends. But what about in Uganda?? How can you get in touch with USP classmates and new local friends? How will you stay up to date on what is happening back home? In the FAQs below we discuss common questions related to communication and technology.


It is important and fun to read about life in the Uganda Studies Program, but at some point you need to actually get there. So what do you need to know before you step on that plane? Read these FAQs about travel to find out!


While your time with the Uganda Studies Program is sure to be an eye opening adventure, your main purpose in being there will be to learn. In fact, we think this is half the adventure, especially since you will be learning through doing and serving in addition to time in the classroom. Read these FAQs to find out more about the program’s academics.

​Daily Life

You have probably already figured out that your day-to-day to life in Uganda will look quite different than it does right now. But you might be wondering exactly how different, right? In this FAQ series, we answer some common questions about daily life in USP.


One of the most thrilling, and simultaneously challenging, aspects of your time abroad will be learning about Ugandan culture by actually participating in it. How will that happen? What will it be like? Read these FAQs for answers to your questions about culture and language.