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You've probably heard a great deal about the U.K., but what makes Oxford stand out? Read the FAQ below to find out.


Oxford revolutionizes the way students learn — the way they read books, write essays, make arguments, and think. Are you ready to enter this gauntlet and emerge as a newly-minted scholar? Read the FAQ below to find out more.


What do you need to know before you step on that plane? Read the FAQ below to find out!

Daily Life

Students are sometimes surprised by how different day-to-day life in Oxford can look. In this week’s FAQ series, we'll answer some common questions about living in SSO.

Community and Spiritual Life

As you prepare for this uniquely challenging opportunity, know that you are not alone. Oxford and its faculty, staff, and fellow scholars will join you and equip you as you face the challenges, and celebrate the gifts, of life as an Oxford University student. Read this week's FAQ to find out more about the community and spiritual life of SSO.