The Scholars' Semester in Oxford is an interdisciplinary program which gives no preference to students in any particular field of study. However, a good academic record is necessary.

The University of Oxford normally admits as Visiting Students those with a GPA of 3.7 or higher. Neither SSO nor Wycliffe Hall may vary this general requirement. However, students with GPAs of below 3.7 may be admitted in exceptional circumstances.*

The Oxford tutorial style is very different from the North American system of education; many students find this a stimulating and challenging transition, requiring experience and maturity. The tutorials, lectures and seminars are equivalent to upper-division courses. Students are expected to do advanced-level work, and therefore need to have sufficient preparation for the concentration chosen.

If your schedule won't allow you to consider Oxford in your junior or senior year, you can apply for admission as a sophomore. Oxford's tutors will be no less demanding, but, in a tutorial (just one student and a tutor), it is always possible to tailor the teaching to the student.

For more information on the Scholars' Semester in Oxford view the prospectus, contact [email protected], or phone 202.548.5201.

*Such circumstances may include highly disrupted family circumstances or severe or prolonged illness.  If students feel that their circumstances warrant special consideration, they should append to their application a letter of explanation and ask their recommenders to comment particularly on those circumstances.  All information provided will be dealt with sensitively.  Although exceptions may be made to the 3.7 GPA requirement, SCIO will not recommend to Wycliffe Hall the admission of any student who would be unable to thrive in Oxford's extremely rigorous academic culture.