The languages and literatures of Britain’s European neighbours are the focus of well established and internationally recognised scholarship in Oxford. Students have the chance to study medieval as well as contemporary forms of each language and early literary forms as well as European cinema. The Language Centre provides resources in various media for independent language study, the Taylorian Institute had rich library resources, and proximity to Europe enables students to travel independently to practice their language skills among native speakers during the mid-term break.

Tutorials provide individual tuition for students with substantial existing language competence, as texts and films are always studied in the original language, not in translation. Modern linguists will normally join the English language and literature seminar, but may consider joining other seminars if that would be more appropriate for them.


Tutorial List


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SSO French tutorial descriptions

  • Early French Texts Prescribed for Study as Examples of Literature
  • French Literature to 1530
  • French Literature, 1530–800
  • French Literature from 1715 to the Present
  • French Narrative Fiction
  • Introduction to French Film Studies
  • Introduction to French Literary Theory
  • Key Texts in French Thought
  • Late-Medieval Responses to Le Roman de la rose
  • Linguistic Studies I: The History of the French Language up to the Mid-Twentieth Century
  • Linguistic Studies II: Modern French
  • Modern Prescribed French Authors I
  • Modern Prescribed French Authors II
  • Short Texts in French
  • Translation from Modern French and Translation into Modern French: Advanced Level
  • Translation from pre-modern French: Advanced Level
  • Written French: Advanced Level



Download detailed tutorial descriptions:
SSO German tutorial descriptions 

  • Descriptive Analysis of German as Spoken and Written at the Present Day: Advanced Level
  • Early Modern German Culture , 1450–1730: Texts, Contexts and Issues
  • Early Modern Literary Texts
  • Early Texts Prescribed for Study as Examples of Literature
  • German Film Studies
  • Goethe
  • Key Texts in German Thought
  • Linguistic Studies I: the Development of the German Language, from 1170 to the Present
  • Linguistic Studies II: Old High German
  • Medieval German Culture to 1450: Texts, Contexts and Issues
  • Modern German Literature, from 1730 to the Present: Texts, Contexts and Issues
  • Modern Prescribed Authors
  • Translation from Modern German: Advanced Level
  • Translation from Pre-Modern German: Advanced Level
  • Translation into German and Essay in German: Advanced Level



Download detailed tutorial descriptions:
SSO Italian tutorial descriptions 

  • Dante’s Commedia
  • Early Prescribed Italian Authors
  • Essay in Italian
  • Italian Translation and Prose
  • Linguistic Studies I: History of the Italian Language from the Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century
  • Linguistic Studies II: Modern Italian
  • Medieval Italian Literature, 1220–1430
  • Modern Italian Literature (from 1750 to the Present) and Cinema
  • Modern Prescribed Italian Authors
  • Renaissance Italian Literature, 1430–1635
  • Translation from Pre-Modern Italian



Download detailed tutorial descriptions:
SSO Portuguese tutorial descriptions

  • Brazilian Cinema
  • Contemporary Brazilian Literature
  • Latin-American Fiction in Portuguese from 1940
  • Linguistic Studies I: The History and Structure of the Portuguese Language
  • Modern literature in Portugal and Brazil
  • Portuguese Drama in the Sixteenth Century
  • Portuguese Literature to 1540
  • Portuguese Literature, 1500–1697
  • Portuguese Medieval Prescribed Texts
  • Portuguese Modern Prescribed Authors
  • Portuguese Renaissance Prescribed Authors
  • The Development of the Auto
  • The Galician-Portuguese Cancioneiros
  • The Literature of Portuguese-Speaking Africa
  • The Portuguese Expansion in Asia
  • Translation from Portuguese (European and Brazilian)
  • Translation into Portuguese and Essay
  • Twentieth-Century Fiction
  • Twentieth-century Portuguese and Brazilian Women Writers
  • Varieties of Portuguese



Detailed tutorial descriptions will be made available later in the year.

  • Advanced Russian Language Paper I: Translation into Russian and Short Essay in Russian
  • Advanced Russian Language Paper II: Translation from Russian
  • Advanced Russian Language Paper III: Translation from Pre-modern Russian
  • Early Russian Texts Prescribed for Study as Examples of Literature
  • Modern Prescribed Authors I: Pushkin, Gogol, Mandel’shtam, Mayakovsky, Bulgakov
  • Modern Prescribed Authors II: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Solzhenitsyn
  • Russian Drama of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • Russian Linguistic Studies I: The History of the Russian Language
  • Russian Linguistic Studies II
  • Russian Literature from 1953 to the Present Day
  • Russian Literature to 1660
  • Russian Literature, 1660–1830
  • Russian Literature, 1820–1953
  • Russian Women’s Writing