English is one of the largest and most vibrant faculties at Oxford. Students studying English have the chance to take tutorials in a wide variety of specialist subfields, hear lectures by some of the discipline’s foremost scholars, and use excellent library facilities. Students can also become literary tourists, visiting the homes of authors as varied as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, the Brontë sisters, Robert Burns, and William Wordsworth, and seeing the places which inspired their work.

Students taking English language and literature tutorials will read only texts which were written originally in English (though this does not mean only British English as there are opportunities to study English texts from Anglophone north America, the Caribbean, etc). Students wanting to read texts by non Anglophone authors should consult the modern languages tutorial lists, being aware that they must be able to read the texts there in the original language, not in translation. The exception to this rule is that English students may study Old English and Old Norse without previous experience, and they will be helped to become competent enough to study literature in Anglo Saxon and Old Norse in the original.


Tutorial List

Download detailed tutorial descriptions: 
SSO SCIO English tutorial descriptions

  • Beowulf and its Cultural Background
  • Chaucer, Langland, and Gower
  • Creative Writing (secondary tutorial only)
  • CS Lewis in Context
  • English Literature, 1100–1509
  • English Literature, 1509–1642
  • English Literature, 1642–1740
  • English Literature, 1740–1832
  • Linguistic Theory
  • Literature in English, 600–1100
  • Literature in English, 1100–1530
  • Modern Literature (1900 to the present day)
  • Old English Literature
  • Old Norse
  • Shakespeare
  • Special Authors (Please specify; see tutorial descriptions for more details)
  • Textual Criticism
  • The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England
  • The History, Use, and Theory of the English Language
  • Victorian Literature (1832–1900)