For this thematic concentration select one primary tutorial, one secondary tutorial, and one integrative seminar (normally from the discipline of your primary tutorial).  These courses are in addition to the British landscape course for which you choose case studies appropriate to your thematic concentration when in Oxford.

More information on each tutorial is available by downloading the tutorial descriptions for each subject.


Tutorials from Classics

(all tutorials)


Tutorials from History

  • Historiography: Tacitus to Weber


Tutorials from History of Art

  • Art under the Roman Empire
  • Egyptian Art and Architecture
  • Greek Art and Archaeology, c.500–300 BC


Tutorials from Philosophy

  • Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
  • Plato, Republic


Tutorials from Theology

  • Archaeology in relation to the Old Testament
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • God and Israel in the Old Testament
  • Judaism I: The Formation of Rabbinic Judaism
  • Religions and Mythology of the Ancient Near East
  • Selected Topics (Old Testament)
  • The Beginnings of the Church and its Institutions to AD 170
  • The Gospels and Jesus
  • The Hebrew of the Old Testament
  • Varieties of Judaism 100 BC–AD 100



  • Classics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Theology