For this thematic concentration select one primary tutorial, one secondary tutorial, and one integrative seminar (normally from the discipline of your primary tutorial).  These courses are in addition to the British landscape course for which you choose case studies appropriate to your thematic concentration when in Oxford.

More information on each tutorial is available by downloading the tutorial descriptions for each subject.


Tutorials from English Language and Literature

  • Linguistic Theory
  • The History, Use, and Theory of the English Language


Tutorials from Modern Languages

  • Introduction to French Literary Theory
  • Linguistic Studies I: History of the Italian Language from the Earliest Times to the Twentieth Century
  • Linguistic Studies I: the Development of the German Language, from 1170 to the Present
  • Linguistic Studies I: The History and Structure of the Portuguese Language
  • Linguistic Studies I: The History of the French Language up to the Mid-Twentieth Century
  • Russian Linguistic Studies I: The History of the Russian Language
  • Russian Linguistic Studies II


Tutorials from Philosophy

  • The Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein
  • The Philosophy of Logic and Language


Tutorials from Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Language and Cognition
  • Memory, Attention, and Information Processing



  • English language and literature
  • Philosophy