These provide a way to specialise by theme or time period through an interdisciplinary focus. Students select a primary and a secondary tutorial from lists under each concentration, take the seminar in the same discipline as the primary tutorial, and choose, where appropriate, British landscape essays within the chosen theme.

  1. The Ancient World
  2. Late Antiquity
  3. Medieval Studies
  4. Renaissance and Reformation Studies
  5. Enlightenment Studies
  6. Victorian and Nineteenth-century Studies
  7. Modern Studies
  8. History and Philosophy of Science
  9. Gender Studies
  10. Colonialism and Postcolonialism
  11. Philosophy and the Human Mind
  12. Philosophy of Human Morality
  13. Philosophy of Language
  14. Philosophy and the Ancient Greek World
  15. Religion and Literature
  16. Religion and Science
  17. Religion and Society
  18. Social Sciences