Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) is your way in - now without leaving home! SCIO has made the Oxford experience more accessible and affordable than ever with their Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) Online. While your body is pinned down at home, let your mind and spirit join SCIO in Oxford for a month of intellectual adventure. Discuss and debate in the company of likeminded peers from around the globe and experience the tutorials for which Oxford is famous – one-on-one meetings with experienced tutors (faculty). Subjects include literature, theology, philosophy, science and religion, psychology, and more.

Dates & Times

Orientation begins June 11th
Classes begin June 15th and run through July 10th

Seminar full-group discussion classes will generally be held during the following times:
8am–2pm Pacific daylight
11am–5pm Eastern daylight
4pm–10pm British summer time

For gobbets classes and especially tutorials there is more flexibility. Please contact us at [email protected] if these times present a problem for you because of work or personal circumstances.

Costs & Scholarships

Cost for each credit hour is $500
Each seminar is worth 3 credit hours ($1,500 per seminar)*

If you select to participate in TWO seminars, you will automatically be awarded a $150 Multi-Seminar Scholarship

OSP Online participants will receive a $500 scholarship towards a future BestSemester Oxford program.

*Payment is due before orientation starts on June 11, 2020. Invoices, with instructions for how to pay program fees electronically, will be sent directly to participants via email after their acceptance into the program.

Who Can Attend?

All active learners willing and able to participate fully in academic discussions, and complete reading, preparation, and writing assignments outside class time. Undergraduates and graduate students can earn up to 6 credits with OSP Online. Independent/non-traditional students with a college/university background and willing to write are also welcome and will receive a certificate of completion.

Personalized Teaching

SCIO will introduce you to their experienced and well qualified Oxford tutors (faculty), with whom you will work in small seminars, groups of 3 or 4, and one-on-one tutorials to explore your ideas and your writing. Unlike many online courses we will not simply give you access to pre recorded lectures and online quizzes; rather you will first meet your tutor and peers online for live seminar meetings with fewer than 12 students and then work with your tutor in small groups of up to 4 students to examine texts (gobbets) in detail. Finally, you will have your tutorials where you will discuss your ideas and your writing, one-on-one with your tutor. In short, our online seminars offer you the same personalised form of study as our onsite programme.

Each student chooses one or two seminars in which the participants explore topics in small groups of students, all of whom have prepared with focused reading. Each student writes two essays for each seminar in preparation for the tutorials (individual meetings between tutor and student) – for many the highlight of the course.


3 Credits Each

OSP Online seminars (3 credits each) are based around Oxford’s tutorial method. Each student takes one or two seminars, and each seminar course consists of three discussion classes, four gobbets classes, and two tutorials (gobbet is Oxford’s word for a small mouthful of text for close reading or translation and then discussion). Students will also have the opportunity to present their research to the group.

Seminar discussion classes are meetings of 1 to 2  hours with the seminar leader and fewer than 12 students. For each discussion class students read all or parts of assigned texts and then discuss them. Gobbets classes are one hour meetings with your tutor and a small group of up to 4 students where you discuss texts in more detail. No written work is required for either the discussion or the gobbets classes.

Tutorials are individual meetings of one hour between the seminar leader and each of the seminar participants. In preparation for each tutorial the student reads assigned texts and writes an essay of 2,000 words (3,000 words in the case of graduate students) in response to a question set by the seminar leader.


Application fee waived! Click here to preview the application components and ensure you have everything you need to submit the application. NOTE: Once you start the application, you will not be able to save your progress in order to complete the application. To start your application, click here!

If you are having difficulties with the electronic application, please complete a fillable PDF application and email it to [email protected].

Applications will remain open until June 8th. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 202-548-5201.