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Each campus makes its own policies regarding off-campus study costs, so you should consult the Off-Campus Study Coordinator at your institution to find out your specific school's policy.

Since the program is an extension campus of each member institution of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, normal practice is that your home campus will receive the invoice for the cost of your participation in the programme. In these cases, the only expenses you will pay directly to the CCCU are the application fee ($50) and confirmation fee ($500). As summer billing often differs from semester billing, it's possible your home campus will require that CCCU/BestSemester bill you directly.  In direct-bill situations, please note that payment is due prior to departure per the following policy:


BestSemester Summer 2020 Direct Invoice Policy:

Students who receive an invoice directly (not through a campus) from CCCU/BestSemester for their summer BestSemester programme participation are required to pay their invoice per the following schedule:  50% is due no later than 30 days before the start date of the program; and the remaining 50% is due one week before the start date of the program. Students who have not made payments by the respective deadlines may not be allowed to enroll in courses or check into housing, unless alternate financial payment arrangements have been approved.

About six weeks before the Oxford Summer Programme begins, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities will send the bill for your participation to your school's invoice receiver, or directly to you. All fees are required to be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the start of the Oxford Summer Programme. For Summer 2020 and Summer 2021, that bill will feature these costs:*


OSP Program Fees

 Instructional Fees






Confirmation Deposit ($500)




Note: Schools or individuals who pay with a credit card will also be charged a credit card service fee.

*Your campus will bill you for the programme following its established procedures. Please note that the academic credit for your classes is granted by your school, and your school will implement its own system for determining the cost of off-campus programs. While some schools charge their students the exact fees of the off-campus program, other schools charge the campus tuition price. Still other schools charge the tuition, room and board costs of being on campus. Since each school determines its own system for charges, you should confirm your school's policies with the Off-Campus Study Coordinator on your campus.

Expenses covered by OSP fees:

  • Tuition for recommended 6 hours of credit
  • Room and partial meals
  • All necessary expenses for official field trips

Expenses students are expected to cover:

  • Travel between home and Oxford
  • Books
  • Stationery fee (10 GBP due upon arrival)
  • Personal medical expenses, if incurred
  • Local transportation, if not class-related
  • Personal discretionary expenditures
  • Partial meals
  • Cost of passport, if you don't already have one


Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from Oxford.  Student housing check-in time is between 9am and 5pm on arrival day; departure is before 4pm on checkout day.  Student accommodations are closed outside of official program dates/times.  Travel information from London's major airports to OSP housing is provided in a pre-departure packet.

What about financial aid?

You can expect to use all of your Federal and State financial aid to study off-campus through the BestSemester programs. Additionally, most (but not all) campuses allow students to transfer some or all of their institutional financial aid, scholarships and grants to BestSemester programs.

Contact your Off-Campus Study Coordinator, Financial Aid Office, or other applicable office on your campus for more information and to determine how much financial aid can be applied to your off-campus semester. As anticipated expenses for your off-campus summer programme most likely differ from an on-campus summer term, be sure to bring this page so you can adjust your financial aid statement of need.


We hope this doesn't happen!  Just in case...You need to know the BestSemester Withdrawal/Refund Policy.


(First of all, double-check. Click here to find out if you attend a CCCU school.)

Students must be enrolled full-time on a "home" campus in order to participate in OSP. If you do not attend a CCCU school, your campus may be willing to enter a one-term consortium agreement with the CCCU to allow your participation. If not, we will try to help you enroll as a guest student through a CCCU school. Please contact the Oxford Summer Programme ([email protected]) during or prior to the application phase to discuss your participation.