The Christian Tradition in the British Isles

This course explores key moments in the development of Christianity in the British Isles, from the Celtic peoples of Britain to the Roman province of Britannia, to the Anglo-Saxons, the medieval Church, and the emergence of a variety of traditions in the reformation and beyond.  Through studying the Christian tradition, central to British culture until the last few decades, participants also get a glimpse into the development of British culture as a whole across time.  The course includes field trips to sites of major interest.

The programme varies from year to year but past lecture topics have included:

  • Celtic Christianity
  • Anselm and his influence on medieval theology and literature
  • Field trip lecture: Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and Salisbury
  • Julian of Norwich and the late medieval English mystical tradition
  • Medieval drama
  • Reformation and Christianity
  • Field trip lecture: Bath and the development of consumer culture
  • Jane Austen and her literary antecedents
  • The theology of the metaphysical poets
  • The Oxford Movement
  • English social justice in the nineteenth century
  • Planet Narnia
  • The theological imagination of C.S. Lewis
  • Climate change, stewardship and mission
  • Field trip lecture: Glastonbury and Wells
  • Field trip lecture: Coventry

Field trips are day-long excursions led by an expert guide to places such as Stonehenge, Salisbury, Glastonbury, Wells, Bath, and Coventry