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Oxford Summer ProgrammeScholars' Semester In Oxford (SSO)

SSO is not for the faint of heart. Designed specifically for students seeking an academically rigorous and robust experience like no other, even the brightest of minds will be molded, shaped and stretched at SSO. It happens during your tutorials. Here, you and an accomplished Oxford scholar go head-to-head on a topic chosen from 230 subjects relating to history, literature, languages, philosophy or science. And when the semester is all said, done, debated and graded, you’ll return home with a community of alumni that continually reconnect over the bond that SSO so passionately unites.

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Scholars' Semester In OxfordOxford Summer Programme (OSP)

Designed to uncover the relationship between Christianity and the British Isles in just one summer month, OSP fuels intellectual minds at all levels of education. Engage in scholarship guided by Oxford’s primary method of pedagogies: the tutorial. Go one-on-one with your professor to defend your beliefs, support your positions, ready yourself for graduate school or just become a better thinker. When you’re not flexing your brain, keep it sharp with student outings and day trips.

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Consolidated and detailed information, including course information, is available in the current SCIO prospectus. 

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