Every great song, recording, performance, website, video and photo requires a person with the technical skills to realize that artists’ vision. The Technical Elective provides students with the opportunity to work on high-end, professional gear in real-world settings. Nothing beats doing it for real! Textbooks. Video tutorials. Online instruction. These are valuable tools. But they don’t substitue for the experience of having to trouble-shoot a bad mic connection 10 minutes before a show starts with a thousand people in the room!

Technical Elective students will:

  • Provide all production support for each week’s CMC Live Show and prep including for Hammer Time and Line Check/Sound Check.  Each tech will do each job at least once:

    • Lighting
    • Front-of-House (FOH)
    • Monitors
    • Stage Patch (wiring and miking of stage)
    • Backline (instrument/amp setup and change-out)
    • Stage Hand (executing stage setup and changes)
  • Set up, run, and tear down all production elements each show day for week-long CMC Live Tour to various colleges, staffing production positions listed above.

  • Engineer 2-3 recording sessions (or more) per week, being paired with artists to work with.  Projects will be submitted for review/critique in class.  This includes all stages of recording:

    • Pre-production
    • Tracking
    • Overdubs
    • Comping
    • Editing
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
  • Provide production support for any alumni or special guest performances and shows at the CMC

  • Maintain all audio lighting and video equipment for the entire group's use throughout the semester


Advanced Studio Recording

3 credits
(formerly Advanced Recording Techniques)

This course focuses on professional audio recording and production. The concepts and practices learned in this course will be used by the students to engineer and mix three songs per student in the Artist Elective. The goal is for students to leave the CMC prepared for an entry level position in any area of studio recording. (Possible Credits: Recording Techniques, Music Technology, Studio Production, Audio Post-Production, Advanced Pro Tools Techniques, MIDI Sequencing, Lab Credit, Senior Project Credit, Practicum)

Advanced Studio Recording Syllabus

Audio Engineering

3 credits
(formerly Live Sound Reinforcement)

This course focuses on concepts and common practices in professional audio. Instruction and practical experience will focus on sound reinforcement for concerts as well as recording studio techniques, since both disciplines employ the same concepts. The information learned in this course will be put into practice in both the Concert Production and Studio Production courses. (Possible Credits: Audio Fundamentals, Music Technology, Survey of Production, Audio Editing Techniques, Advanced Engineering, Survey of Recording Technology, Survey of Recording Industry, Mixing Techniques, Digital Audio Technology)

Audio Engineering Syllabus

Concert Production

3 credits
(formerly Lighting Design)

This course focuses on sound reinforcement, stage lighting and design, stage management, and concert production management.  The concepts and practices learned in this course will be used by the students to produce the weekly CMC Live show in support of the Artist Track student performances, as well as the week long tour of CCCU college campuses.  The goal is for students to leave the CMC prepared for an entry level position in any area of concert production. (Possible Credits: Sound Reinforcement, Concert/Stage Lighting, Survey of Video Production, Production Management, Stage Management, Lab Credit, Tour Credit, Senior Project Credit, Practicum)

Concert Production Syllabus