Faith, Music and Culture

3 Credits

The purpose of this course is to help students develop a Christian approach to the creation, marketing and consumption of contemporary music. While engaging in studies of theory, history and criticism, students will explore the concept of culture and the nature of popular culture and examine popular art and music in contemporary aesthetic, social, cultural and industrial contexts. Additional topics include the study of the role of popular music in cultural communication, the development of a Christian critical method and an examination of different Christian approaches to popular art and culture. (Possible Credit: Religion/Theology, Music, General Studies)

Faith Music & Culture Syllabus  

Inside the Music Industry

3 Credits

Through readings, lectures and seminars, the course will give up-to-the-minute insight into the inner workings of the music industry. Emphasis will be given to career possibilities and the gifts and skills required to succeed in each of the major areas, including work as a performer, songwriter, record producer and engineer, artist manager, booking agent, concert promoter, record retailer, entertainment attorney, A&R executive, marketing executive, sales executive and music journalist. Students will gain an understanding of the structure and methodologies of a typical U.S. record company, including A&R, marketing, radio promotion, public relations, sales & distribution, product development, art, manufacturing and business affairs. (Possible Credit: Business Administration, Music.)

Inside the Music Industry Syllabus

Practicum "CMC Tour"

1 Credit

The CMC Tour is the capstone experience of the semester. Students and faculty embark on a 6-day tour of college campuses and other venues, mounting a show each night with full production-lights, sound, staging and video. Every student is involved in the process either as a performer, part of the technical staff, or as a producer. The Executive track students are also required to keep the tour on budget by tracking costs and providing daily analysis of the budget.

Practicum (CMC Tour) Syllabus