If songs are the “raw material” of the music industry, then there is a “manufacturing process” that originates with the inspiration of a song and ends with the listening experience of your fellow citizens. That process, from idea of heart to transcendent experience for all, is at the core of the Music Business Elective.

Business Elective students will:

  • Manage 2-3 students in the Artist Elective, creating and/or assembling the following elements for a portfolio for each:

    • assessment of goals
    • raw and edited head shots and personality shots
    • edited and complete music video
    • bio and press release
    • master track recordings
    • web presence
  • Plan and Execute a week long semester tour in one or more of the following capacities:

    • Tour Management (head of the tour, coordinates all personnel, bus and truck rental, hotels, meals, per diems amongst all other duties)
    • Production (operations and logistics for all show and tech related details)
    • Publicity (coordinating local publicity campaigns for each tour date)
    • Design (tour logo, posters, web graphics, tour video, etc)
    • Business Management (budgeting and tracking of all expenses)
  • Coordinate all aspects of at least one CMC Live concert including:

    • lineup
    • stage plots
    • posters
    • run of show
    • transitions
    • emcee
    • stage management

Strategic Management

3 credits
(formerly Artist Management)

Business Elective students will assemble a successful artist roster and participate in the following activities on their artist's behalf: scheduling, creating a business plan, analyzing and forecasting trends in popular music, advising and developing the artists with regard to their live show and recordings. (Possible Credit: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Communications and/or Media)

Strategic Management Syllabus

Music Business Survey

3 credits
(formerly Artist & Repertoire)

Through lecture, text and visiting music industry experts, Business Elective students will gain a broad understanding of key aspects of the music business including: Booking, Artist Management, Touring, Road Management, Production, Marketing and Promotion, Copyright and Legal Issues, Publishing and Licensing. This course will outline economic, creative and spiritual elements critical to a career in contemporary music and guide students in assessing their own strengths, weaknesses and interests. The focus for this course is hands-on application through work with contracts, live show production and career planning. (Possible Credit: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Communications and/or Media)

Music Business Survey Syllabus

Advanced Media Marketing

3 credits
(formerly Music, Marketing and Sales)

Through classroom instruction and presentations by visiting industry experts, Business Elective students will become familiar with traditional and progressive marketing strategies. Key areas including publicity, advertising, radio and video promotion, Internet marketing, and tour support will be addressed. Students will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for each Artist and will also create and implement the marketing plan for the CMC Tour. (Possible Credit: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Communications and/or Media)

Advanced Media Marketing Syllabus