The travel component is one of the most exciting parts of MESP.  Students travel the region's legendary and holy sites, while also spending time receiving hospitality in the smaller neighborhoods and homes of diverse cities and countries.  The best part: all of your expenses for the travel component (aside from souvenirs purchased on the trip) are covered by your MESP tuition!

Traveling as a student is much different than traveling as a tourist. Before landing in each country, you'll receive experienced instruction and background information so you can enter the context with a grasp on local issues and politely engage in small talk. Once you’re on the ground, local tour guides and lecturers will get you acquainted with the country, its people and customs. We also make sure there’s enough free time in each locale for you to put your language skills to use as you chat with shopkeepers and waiters and explore the squares, markets and museums.

Though our exact schedule may change, we expect to travel to Egypt, Morocco, and Israel-Palestine (conditions permitting).  In Cairo, Egypt, we'll marvel at the Pyramids of Giza - the only remaining of the ancient wonders of the world. We’ll have tours of Coptic Cairo and Islamic Cairo, visit The Egypt Museum, and take a felucca ride down the Nile. In Morocco, we'll visit one of the world’s oldest universities and the exquisite Hassan II mosque. You’ll wander the plaza of Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech by night and the labyrinth of Old Fes by day, where you can witness leather being made in the world’s oldest tannery. In Israel-Palestine, you’ll study the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and hear from renowned local speakers. You’ll have the opportunity to visit sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, and Church of the Nativity.