The Neighborhood

You will be living in a furnished apartment in the western part of Amman, a city that is both contemporary and also traditionally Arab: it’s a bustling hub of activity attracting visitors from surrounding Arab countries. You’ll find plenty of great local food - have you heard of shawarma, falafal, and mansaf? - and coffee shops just around the corner. Plus, you won’t be far from Amman’s Old City, known as ‘the balad’, which is a great place for eating, shopping, and mingling with Jordanians.

Living in a Jordanian context will give you an opportunity to apply the intercultural skills you’re developing in class and you’ll have to adapt to traditions different than your own: you’ll learn how to greet your neighbors properly; you’ll experience the importance of family in this culture; you’ll hear the Muslim call to prayer; and you might even see a herd of sheep and goats wandering through your neighborhood.

Jordan is a country with a great diversity of places to visit and things to see, and our location in Amman gives us easy access to all the sites. You'll have the option to travel on MESP-organized trips to the world wonder of Petra, the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum (made famous in Lawrence of Arabia), and the coral reef of Aqaba for snorkeling. We’ll also visit archaeological sites, such as Jerash and Ajloun castle, and Biblical sites, including Mt. Nebo and the place of Jesus' baptism.


The Community

As a MESP student you’ll have the privilege of participating in an intentional community -- something we all work together to create. MESP students see each other everyday, live together, eat together, go to class together, pray and praise together and travel together. MESP cohorts are always a mixture of right and left, both religiously and politically, and we strive to foster a community of respect, where each voice can be heard and where the beliefs and thoughts of one can sharpen the whole group. Everyday we seek to love, support and challenge each other as outlined in a community covenant we each agree to at the beginning of the semester.

Jesus is also a central member of our community and we seek to integrate Him into our daily lives -- to turn to His ways of reconciliation when problems arise, to stand by His principles of seeking unity and love and to constantly serve each other as He exemplified. In an intentional effort to focus on Him, we hold student-led devotions together three times a week. Plus, we keep your Sunday morning schedule free so you will have the opportunity to participate in local worship services.



Living: MESP students live in the same family apartment complex as the MESP staff. Our building is located in a quiet residential neighborhood within easy walking distance of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, banking, transportation, parks, and more.  All of the apartments are fully furnished and have washing machines, dishwashers, and wireless internet.  All female students share one large apartment, and male students share a second apartment adjacent to the MESP Center. Bedrooms are always shared (3-5 people/room); occupancy varies depending on the size of each semester's cohort. 

Studying:  While you can always study in your apartment, you’ll also have the opportunity to venture out into the city and discover your own favorite homework spot in one of the city’s hundreds of coffee shops (there are several in the immediate neighborhood). And, who knows, you might just find that the ruins of the Citadel are the best place to get some reading done!

Relaxing:  When you’re not hanging out with your roommates in your apartment, Amman offers a wide range of places to relax.  Depending on what you like to do, you will find parks where you can walk, jog, or just sit on the grass and talk with a friend; bowling alleys, movie theaters, and malls; and of course that ancient Middle Eastern place to relax - the coffee shop!

Travel: You’ll spend approximately three weeks traveling around the Middle East. For more information on travel component, click here.