Medical Services

Medical care in Jordan is generally excellent by Western standards. We have a trusted list of clinics and hospitals that deliver high-quality care.

You will be required to cover any medical expenses you incur while a student on MESP. You must also be covered by a family or institutional medical plan and obtain an International Student Identification Card (we’ll help you get it, don’t worry!) or iNext card. These cards provide supplemental health insurance to cover certain needs unique to international situations.


Safety and Travel

Your safety is our primary concern, and MESP staff (who have more than 30 years of experience in the region) use all available sources -- news, locals, experienced expatriates, CCCU contacts, U.S. Diplomats, etc. -- in order to assess safety conditions in Jordan and wherever MESP travels.

Although safety cannot be absolutely guaranteed anywhere, we would never invite you for a semester in Amman if we did not believe it was safe. While it is impossible to totally predict or avoid risk, if you stay away from problematic areas and practice preventative measures (we’ll give you detailed instruction on this during orientation), the threat of danger is reduced.

In the event of an emergency, precautions will be taken to ensure that you are kept out of danger. Our Arab hosts work with our staff to make certain that your study experience is as problem-free as possible.

When it comes to our three-week travel component, we monitor the situation in each of our planned destinations very carefully and won’t hesitate to change the itinerary if we feel a location is unsafe. If a portion of the trip is canceled, we will make every effort to create other opportunities that are safe yet equally valuable in learning about the region.

To learn more about MESP’s commitment to safety, click here to view BestSemester’s crisis and local contingency plans.