Public transportation is readily available in Amman. Taxis are a common and affordable way of getting around West Amman. If you want to save more money, there’s also a shared taxi system and a bus system that we’ll help you learn how to use.  And, though this may all sound a bit overwhelming now, rest assured, after just a few weeks of being here, you’ll be finding your way around like a pro!


Living Expenses

Some students have voted Sunday the best day of the week because that’s when your MESP Program Assistant distributes your weekly food stipend. This amount will be enough for you to buy groceries for the week and, if you use it wisely, could probably include a meal or two at a restaurant and the taxi fare to get you to one of the larger supermarkets.

Your other living expenses will be minimal, but make sure you have enough for souvenirs and any special trips you will take. In the past, students have spent, on average, a total of $300 to $500 of their own money during the semester. Where you fall in that range (or if you manage to stay below or go beyond it) will depend on your personal shopping and eating habits.



The summer months (May - August) can be particularly hot with little precipitation. The weather gets gradually cooler and rainier throughout the fall semester. The spring semester starts in the middle of Jordan’s winter - which can get surprisingly cold! Though it won’t be cold for too long (outside, at least), the homes don’t have central heating, so you’ll be dressing in lots of layers. The weather will gradually warm up and you’ll get to experience the beautiful almond and olive trees in full bloom. Prior to packing, we recommend looking up specific temperature and rainfall averages.