As a MESP participant, you will spend your semester in close contact with the peoples of the Middle East. It is important to remember that we are guests in their countries. Sensitivity to their cultural and social traditions and respect for them means remaining flexible and willing to do things their way. 

Because of the communal nature of the Middle East Studies Program, students and staff are expected to follow biblical principles concerning Christian conduct, including willingness to subordinate one's own prerogatives for the benefit of the community.

In addition, MESP has a ‘no dating’ policy. Male-female relations, including dating and courtship, vary greatly from culture to culture. What may seem like common courtesy to a North American may be read as a wedding proposal or sexual “come-on” to someone from another culture. We will give you details about what is appropriate and what is not. The bottom line is that we ask MESP students not to begin romantic/physical relationships during MESP participation.


In keeping with such expectations, all students are asked to sign and commit to the following statement prior to acceptance into the program:

I HEREBY RECOGNIZE that I will be participating in a Christ-centered community, requiring an exemplary lifestyle in living and learning, and respect for members of this community and the surrounding local culture.  While in the program, I will endeavor to conduct myself in accordance with a Christ-centered life; cultivating actions it commends such as love, compassion, truthfulness, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  I will likewise refrain from dishonesty, plagiarism, drunkenness, sexual immorality, promiscuity, theft, violence, disruptive behavior, racism, sexual harassment and illicit or non-medical use of drugs, narcotics & other substances.  I will also honor any additional standards required by my home institution.

FURTHERMORE, in respect for the values of others in this community, I will abstain from the use of alcohol and tobacco.

I UNDERSTAND that violation of any of these standards is grounds for disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal from the program.

This is the standard by which all students shall live while involved in the program. 

Upon notice of such a violation or conduct, the program director will provide the student with notice of the complaint or alleged violation and give an opportunity to be heard. Following this, the director will attempt to communicate, consult and coordinate with the senior student life official at the student's home institution.

Following these, the director will make a decision with respect to the appropriate disciplinary  response and will inform the student and the senior student life official at the home campus of that decision. The director's decision will be final unless the student chooses to make a verbal appeal to the CCCU vice president in charge of student programs.