Letter from a MESP Parent

Our daughter attended the MESP seminar in Amman, Jordan her spring semester of 2017. Her goal was to immerse herself in the Muslim culture in preparation for [returning long-term to] the Arab world. Her experience was incredible. She was exposed to the people, food and culture of Amman, as well as Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Morocco. Much of her education centered on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the prospect of resolution.  Arabic learning was another important part of the program. We were thoroughly amazed to hear her haggle with a taxi driver over the price of our ride; she learned a great deal of Arabic in a short period of time which endeared her to most taxi drivers, even though she was trying to bargain them down. 

We were fortunate enough to be able to visit our daughter in Amman half way through her semester and spend some time with her in between classes. We met with Dr. Doug and Patti as well as the other students and were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the program and the caliber of both the instructors and the students. Because the program has such a good reputation, we felt confident sending our 19-year-old daughter to the Middle East. However, once we arrived in Amman, we were delighted to find her living in a safe, comfortable apartment complex in a quiet, family neighborhood. We stayed in a lovely hotel a ten-minute walk from the MESP center and felt perfectly safe walking through the neighborhood at night and our daughter felt completely safe and at home at the center. We all found the Jordanian people warm, friendly and welcoming. 

We highly recommend the MESP program in Amman. Our daughter learned more than we even hoped for and God used the experience to fuel her passion for and calling to the Muslim people. In addition, our eyes and hearts were opened in new ways to the Arab culture through our own experience as well as our daughter's. 

-- Ron & Nicole Dunaetz, pictured in Amman with their daughter Madison, MESP Spring 2017 alum


If you are interested in hearing more from the parents of MESP alumni, please contact Katie Heidengren, MESP Advisor, at [email protected].