Program Location

You've heard a great deal about the Middle East, but the region is vast and ever-changing. Read the FAQ below to find out more about your location!


How can you get in touch with MESP classmates and new local friends? How will you stay up to date on what is happening back home? Communication and technology work a bit differently in Amman than in the United States. Read the FAQ below to find out more.


What do you need to know before you step on that plane? Read the FAQ below to find out.


Academic learning has rarely been this adventurous. Whether in or out of the classroom, you'll be learning through experience, immersion, and service. Read the FAQ below to find out more.


One of the most thrilling and challenging aspects of learning about Middle Eastern culture is actually participating in it. How will you connect? How will they respond? Read below for help in answering these questions.

Community and Daily Life

Read the FAQ below to find out more about everyday life in the Middle East!


Some students and parents worry about whether it is safe to study in Amman and travel in the Middle East. Rest assured: safety is the number one priority of the Middle East Studies Program. See below for common questions about security.