Forget everything you know about classroom academics: this is learning through immersion.

MESP students learn first-hand from locals who live out the subject matter. You will live, work, eat, play, and travel among these people, becoming a member of their neighborhoods. By the end of the semester, your life will have become entangled with theirs—their cultures, languages, passions and joys. We are committed to this Christ-centered approach, aiming to serve, process, and evaluate your immersion as you grow in your understanding of what it means to be an incarnational follower of Jesus in a land that needs such followers now.




Introduction to Arabic Language 4 or 6**
Islamic Thought and Practice 4
Conflict & Change in the Middle East 4
Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East 4
**Students who elect to take 6 credits of Introduction to Arabic Language will be charged an extra $500


In addition, MESP has worked with students & campuses to receive intercultural practicum credit during the semester. Contact [email protected] to discuss practicum credit.

MESP Director Dr. Doug Magnuson is in charge of the four classes you’ll take here. He has lived in the Middle East for more than 30 years and will give key lectures based on his unique experience and expertise. However, many of your class sessions will be taught by local guest lecturers, and nearly every week, you’ll get to meet and hear from at least one world-class expert who may also be a religious leader, embassy official, member of the Israel-Palestine negotiations team, or author. Plus, MESP students take all their classes together, which means you’ll be able to discuss the morning’s lecture over lunch, the afternoon field trip, or while hanging out in your apartment.