Immerse yourself in 6000 years of abounding history. Journey to the ancient sites of Mount Sinai, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, and the neighboring countries of Israel. Share stories with Israeli and Palestinian youth; bargain in Jaffa or in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Watch this Holy Land take human shape as you serve the people who call it home - and learn to call it home yourself.

Shape Your Horizons

At the heart of the Middle East Studies Program (MESP) is the experience of forging authentic relationships. MESP will baffle your preconceptions as you engage in the contemporary religion, culture and politics of the Middle East. You’ll examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a non-partisan perspective, live with a local family as part of your week-long homestay, and connect with a range of speakers on the topics most precious to the region. This is learning by immersion.

The complex interplay of regional faiths will compel you to dive deeper into your own beliefs. MESP invites you to walk closer with Christ and the culture of the Middle East in morning devotionals, local churches, and student-led worship. Share a lesson; sing a song; read scripture and pray as your deepening faith takes shape in the very place it began.