The semester at the LAFSC is designed to be transitional in its approach.  Accepted students are presumed to be prepared to experience a transition from typical college life into the world of work.  For example, housing is in a public professional apartment complex rather than college-owned dormitories.  Your typical day will take you into the heart of the working community of the Hollywood film industry.  You will spend more hours working in offices than you will in traditional classrooms.  Many of the common support systems found on the typical college campus, such as extensive libraries, counseling and health services, and on-campus food and banking services, are not provided here.  You will need to find such support in the Los Angeles community at large.

Likewise, the program staff does not formally schedule chapel, Bible studies, support groups, etc.  This is not to say that we think that those things are not important; they are!  However, it is our intent that students need to begin to learn how to develop such support systems for themselves.  The staff will be a resource and available to assist students as they discover the importance of such groups, but the students are expected to form, organize and manage these activities as a part of this transitional experience.  Since there will be no such organized activities once students graduate, this experience at LAFSC is to be a laboratory for making that transition.

LAFSC is not intended to be a substitute for film school.  It is however, a transitional semester from the purely academic world to the work world of the Hollywood film industry. As such, it is assumed that students will come with a wide range of background and experience.  Some students will clearly have more experience than others. The program, in an attempt to meet the needs of all students, may therefore have some aspects that are review for more experienced students. Every effort will be made to accommodate these various needs.

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