Hollywood's energy and excitement is unparalleled.  From movie premieres to award shows to strolls down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is much to see and experience.  And, you'll live and work in the heart of it all. 


Students live in the Park LaBrea Apartments, a gated apartment community set on more than 160 park-like acres.  24-hour security is provided. Students are usually housed four or five to a two-bedroom apartment that is fully furnished and includes a kitchen and two full baths. Married housing is also available. Couples are housed in one-bedroom apartments. The housing fee is doubled for a married apartment unless both people are enrolled in the program.  Along with furniture, the LAFSC also furnishes the apartments with cooking and eating utensils, a microwave oven, wireless internet, a television and a BluRay player.  Park LaBrea includes two pools, spas, a fitness center, cleaning and laundry facilities, a multimedia theatre and a café.  Additionally, Park LaBrea’s location in the heart of Los Angeles places students near all L.A. has to offer with easy access to museums, shops, restaurants and internships.     

Community Life

LAFSC is designed to provide students with a transitional experience from college life into the world of work. Their day takes place in the heart of the Hollywood film industry, providing ample opportunity to experience the challenges of being a Christian in this world. Yet they live in a Christian community with staff and other students from the program and are bound together by many activities, both faith-based and social.

LAFSC alumni share their personal experiences in the industry following participation in the program and assist current students in making the adjustment to life after LAFSC.


Information on local churches is offered and students are encouraged to attend services of their choice. Of particular interest to some are those churches with world-renowned preaching and music. Some students have involved themselves in local church small groups, choirs, college ministries, etc., during their stays in Hollywood. In the past, students have formed Bible studies and prayer groups to meet their unique needs.


In addition to the well-known tourist attractions in the greater Los Angeles area, LAFSC schedules optional activities more specific to the film industry.  


It is highly recommended that students bring a car of their own as it is difficult to get around Los Angeles without a car. Most LAFSC students bring their cars from all parts of the country. Each semester there are students who are unable to bring cars. These student travel locally by using public transportation and carpools. Fortunately the LAFSC is within walking distance of the student aparments. There are also grocery stores, banks, movie theaters, restaurants and more within walking distance. Some internship opportunities may not be available to students without a car. Free parking is offered to LAFSC students at the Park La Brea aparments. Students are not allowed to park for free at the LAFSC class facilities. Students should walk from their aparments. Many students also use bicycles and skateboards for local transportation.

Living Expenses

Living expenses vary according to students' spending and lifestyle patterns. Since students do their own cooking, they can determine if they will do their own individual shopping or work together with their roommates to provide for their meals cooperatively. Reserve about $100 a week for food.

Textbooks will cost about $150.  Additional funds will be needed to cover local travel expenses to and from internships, laundry, movie going and other social and tourist activities, etc.  Most of the optional film-related events are paid for by LAFSC.

Medical Services

LAFSC is unable to provide medical care to students while in attendance. The staff will make referrals to local physicians or health care facilities, but students are expected to cover the cost for such visits. Students are required to be covered by personal or family health insurance policies and come prepared with appropriate identification and paper work. Even students with insurance should be prepared to pay for medical services in advance, as many of the Los Angeles area clinics will require such payment. Typically an initial visit for diagnosis will cost approximately $125, which the clinic may allow to be charged to a major credit card.


Los Angeles is a major metropolitan city subject to the safety concerns of all such cities. During orientation week the students are reminded of ways to be aware of and avoid hazardous situations.