LAFSC Virtual Tour from LAFSC on Vimeo.

The L.A. Film Studies Center strives to stay at the forefront of today’s latest and greatest technologies.  LAFSC is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced curriculum for its students as well as providing enough equipment so that every student can receive a kinesthetic, hands-on experience in filmmaking.   LAFSC maintains a 1:1 ratio of cameras to students currently shooting projects as well as a 2:1 ratio of edit bays to students currently editing projects. 

All LAFSC films are shot with Red Dragon and Canon T3i Cameras.  In addition, the LAFSC’s arsenal includes Bogen tripods, Sennheiser shotgun mics, Arri light kits, Matthews dollies and track and grip/lighting equipment including flags, flexfills and c-stands, all of which are available for students to use.

LAFSC has an edit lab with Apple Mac Pro edit bays equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud Software, ProTools, DaVinci Resolve, and more.  Students have a licensed music library with over 50,000 tracks, a sound effects library with over 120,000 effects, and over seventeen terabytes (17,000 gigabytes!) of hard drive storage at their disposal.

Additionally, LAFSC has a student computer lab consisting of Apple iMacs.  Each computer is equipped with Microsoft Office, EP Budgeting and Scheduling software and screenwriting software.

LAFSC has three professional standing sets. The sets include a cafe/restaurant, a hospital room, and a jail cell. The sets are always available to LAFSC students, and can also be used by LAFSC alumni. You can find it online at

The Professional Casting Suite includes two casting rooms and a waiting area.

LAFSC also offers a comprehensive film library located in the student lounge.  The lounge is a place where students can kick back, hang out or watch a movie.   The library consists of over 500 film-related books and scripts, the daily trade paper Variety and Backstage West, and over 2500 film titles on DVD/Bluray.   

Finally, LAFSC boasts a sixty-seat Screening Room with stadium seating, state-of-the-art digital sound, and a 4K projector.  LAFSC also has an HD projector and sound system in its conference room.