4 credits

Students work collaboratively in groups to create a festival-ready piece, including all the legal documentation and rights to enable the finished production to qualify for festival submission. The course offers students the opportunity to make a motion picture production using Hollywood locations, resources, and protocol. Students participate in a competitive vetting process of scripts, pitches, and meetings much like the process of the professional industry. For example, those who want to direct submit reels for review and writers participate in a rigorous development process in the first few weeks of the semester.

Academic Application: Film Studies, Communication, Art, Business, English/Writing, Elective.

Instructors: John K. Bucher Jr., MA Communication/Film, University of Colorado; Jeremy Casper, MA Communication/Film: Directing & Cinematography, Regent University; Christine Krebsbach, MA Communication/Film: Producing, Regent University; Patrick Duff, BA Communication, Asbury College, MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary

Hollywood Production Workshop Syllabus


3 credits

A class that explores the connection between the eye, the heart and the hand, this course focuses on the integration of faith and learning as well as developing the necessary skills for analysis of the culture of Hollywood.  The first section of the class emphasizes the eye: discovering your own identity, looking at film’s historical impact, spiritual impact, audience trends, the auteur movement, and vision in film, as well as providing a basis for heart preparation for production.  The second section of the course emphasizes the heart: ethics, relationships and communication, passion and art. The last section of the course emphasizes the hand, exploring the collaborative process in Hollywood Production Workshop and Narrative Storytelling: roles and aspects of production, the production process, relationships on set, and communication. All students participate in this team-taught lecture seminar led by the faculty of The Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

Academic Application:  Biblical Studies/Theology, Ethics, Faith and Culture, Art and Faith   

Instructor: John K. Bucher Jr., MA Communication/Film, University of Colorado

Faith and Artistic Development in Film Syllabus


6 credits

Students participate in an internship experience in some aspect of the Hollywood entertainment industry. These are nonpaying positions primarily in an office setting such as development companies, agencies, management companies, post-production facilities, etc. Students work 20 to 24 hours a week, spread over a three day schedule and accumulate 200-250 hours for the semester. Orientation to the internship includes an overview of the creative and operational aspects of the Hollywood entertainment business, including the Christian's role working therein. The internships do not include positions on actual filmmaking locations. Instead, students work in offices as support personnel to producers, writers, directors, agents, post-production personnel and others involved in the total process of producing and distributing a major motion picture. LAFSC provides interns to many of the major companies within Hollywood. After students are accepted into the LAFSC program they are encouraged to search for their own internships based on interest. If a student does not wish to search for his/her own internship, during orientation the LAFSC internship faculty will assist the student to find an internship.

Academic Application: Film Studies, Communication, Art, Business, English/Writing, Elective.

Instructors: Christine Krebsbach, MA Communication/Film: Producing, Regent University; Nathan White, BA Communication Arts: Film, Gordon College

Internship Syllabus 


**Syllabus available upon request