Program Location

You've probably seen and heard a great deal about L.A. ever since you became interested in the film industry. Now that you're moving there, you might want a few more details about what opportunities will be at your fingertips. This week's FAQ's will tell you all about what your semester will look like in this city!


While your time at the L.A. Film Studies Center is sure to be an eye opening adventure, your main purpose in being there will be to learn. In fact, we think this is half the adventure, especially since you will be learning through doing and serving in addition to time in the classroom. Read this week’s FAQs series to find out more about the program’s academics.

Daily Life

You have probably already figured out that your day-to-day to life in L.A. will look quite different than it does right now. But you might be wondering exactly how different, right? In this week’s FAQ series, we will answer some common questions about daily life in LAFSC.


So you might be wondering how your experience at the LAFSC might help you in the long run. This week's FAQ's will answer that question and maybe even allow you to dream a bit bigger!