At L.A. Film Studies Center, we develop every aspect of our storytellers. In our facilities, you'll write and develop, schedule and budget, shoot and edit, all on state-of-the-art equipment, software, and sets, guided by faculty who are working professionals and highly-regarded experts in their fields. Hollywood continues to be the epicenter and nexus of content formation, and our internships connect you to and get you working with some of the top companies and players in the business. Meanwhile, in the classroom, you'll not only cultivate your voice as an artist but also sharpen your sense of vocation and purpose. If you're serious about telling stories -- via film and beyond, in LA and beyond -- there's no better place to get your start and build your resume.



Student Work

We encourage each student to develop their own unqique vision and voice. As such, their work exhibits a variety of genres, themes, and tones. Click on an image below to see for yourself. 




It's not unusual for our internships to translate into full-time employment. This is just a small sample of companies with whom our students have worked. Click on a logo to link to the company site:



Check out the "big list" of sample internships here. 



Alumni Films and TV

From writers to directors, actors and casting agents, editors and visual effects artists, our alumni go on to do big things. Here are just a few of the major films and television shows on which our alumni have worked:


See how we support our alumni here.