Responses to Third World Reality Seminar (3 credits)

This concentration is interdisciplinary by design. Here students are challenged in a seminar that includes diverse perspectives, broad readings and hands-on experience in a field setting. Course content is adapted to changes in Latin American society.

Responses to Third World Reality Seminar Syllabus

Latin American Studies Concentration Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of how Latin Americans have chosen to respond to their realities;
  • Re-examine their worldviews by exploring the beliefs of those they meet during the Field Experience;
  • Articulate faith-informed positions regarding the social, political, and economic problems of the region; 
  • To express one´s developing Christian worldview and vocational plans, as informed by this semester´s experiences. 

*Students with at least Intermediate Mid level Spanish may complete readings and compositions in Spanish for Spanish credit.