Business for Sustainability Seminar (3 credits)

Business for Sustainability Concentration participants will explore the objectives and potential of international business in Latin America to create profit and contribute to social progress. Christian perspectives on economic justice, stewardship, and sustainable development guide learning experiences. Through site visits, assigned readings, and a community immersion/ field experience, participants will engage the complexities of practicing business in Latin America.

Business for Sustainability Seminar Syllabus

Most field experience settings are with micro- or small business owners.

Students in the Business for Sustainability Concentration will:

  • Articulate the relationship between Christian faith and business practice in Latin America and beyond.
  • Participate in site visits that illuminate issues related to foreign investment in Latin America, sustainability in business, entrepreneurship, PYMEs (small and micro-businesses), and economic development.
  • Analyze the role of private enterprise, governments, and NGOs in poverty alleviation and economic development in Latin America.
  • Complete a community immersion/field experience during which students will explore the workings of a community development project/small business and form relationships with those in their host community.

Presentations by invited speakers are delivered in both English and Spanish, while most required readings and written work is done in English.

Pre-requisite: Course background should include macro-/micro-economics and introductory-level management.  Basic marketing and international relations or cross-cultural studies are also recommended.