Advanced Language & Literature Seminar

3 credits

Language & Literature Seminar Syllabus

Community Immersion/Field Experience

3 credits

Community Immersion/Field Experience Syllabus

(Possible Credit: Spanish Language, Linguistics, Literature)

Prerequisite: At least Intermediate High Spanish proficiency

This concentration focuses on the social, cultural, political, economic and religious issues of Central America as presented in the literature of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in the 20th century.  All coursework is in Spanish. Syllabi are available upon request.

Literature Seminar Objectives:

  • To become familiar with the diversity of voices of Central American literature.
  • To identify the most notable characteristics of 20th century Central American literature.

  • To recognize the relationship between literature and society through the examination of societal problems presented in the texts.

  • To compare and contrasts themes present in the literatures of each Central American nation

  • To improve Spanish proficiency in the four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) towards Advanced level proficiency as defined by ACTFL.

Community Immersion objectives:

  • To learn more about Central American cultures by living with a family, listening to and analyzing their ways of speaking through observation and reflection.

  • To consider one framework of cross-cultural interactions and use it as a tool for analysis.

  • To describe in depth one significant theme of Latin American cultures, drawing from student experiences throughout the semester and readings from the Literature seminar.

  • To demonstrate the ability to narrate in the past, present and support an opinion, and discuss both concrete and abstract topics in Spanish, orally and in writing.

  • To express one´s developing Christian worldview and vocational plans, as informed by this semester´s experiences. 

This concentration is designed for Spanish language majors or minors.