Accompaniment through a Local Community Immersion/Field Experience

During the final weeks of each semester, students relocate to a different homestay family. Most are in rural areas of Costa Rica, allowing you to experience a contrast with the urban setting of San José. Students choose from a variety of settings that allow them to pursue a particular area of interest: micro-enterprise, organic farming, work with children, and sustainable ecology are just some examples of recent projects. The LASP staff monitors student work and visits project sites. This time out of the classroom and into the field (sometimes literally!) is the culmination of the Spanish skills and cultural learning you have been developing all semester long.


Travel in Central America

To broaden the cross-cultural experience, the LASP group travels to different parts of Costa Rica and Cuba during various times throughout the semester. The travel practicum component gives students the opportunity to discover both the similarity and diversity among the Latin American peoples. Travel also allows students many direct, personal encounters with Central Americans and with the reality of their lives.