Don & Kathy DeGraaf, Director

Don & Kathy DeGraaf, Director

PhD, Leisure Studies-Management Option, University of Oregon
MS, Recreation-Therapeutic Option, Indiana University
BS, Business Administration, Calvin College

Donald G. DeGraaf has been a professor of Kinesiology and Director of Off-Campus Programs at Calvin College for the last twenty-one years. Prior to teaching, he served as a former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and also worked in Korea, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, which has contributed to his passion for international education and global engagement. Throughout his teaching career he has lead experiential learning experiences for college students in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Florida, Michigan and New Mexico. His teaching has focused on experiential education, non-profit management, youth development and leisure and life satisfaction. He has co-authored thirteen textbooks and close to 100 articles related to these scholarly interests. He enjoys kayaking, cycling, traveling, reading and hanging out with his wife (Kathy) and their family. As he steps into this new position with the Australian Studies Center, he is looking forward to bringing together his passions for teaching and mentoring students, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and seeing what God is up to in His world.


Tiffany Laws, Accounts Manager


B.A.(Hons), American Studies, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
B.A. American Studies, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Diploma in Ministry (Worship and Creative Arts), Hillsong International Leadership College, Sydney

Tiffany is originally from New Zealand where she completed a B.A. and graduate honours degree in American Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. In 2007, she came to Sydney, to study worship and creative arts at Hillsong College, and stayed after marrying an Australian. She has experience as a researcher in political, legal and educational issues for the Maxim Institute, New Zealand and formerly worked for Baptist Community Services, Sydney.