ASC Semester Costs, 2020-21


The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is an extension campus of each member institution of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU); each school grants the academic credit for program participation.

The CCCU invoices campuses for the cost of ASC participation and in turn campuses bill their students following the campus' established policies and procedures. (For example, some schools charge the exact fees of the off-campus program, other schools charge the campus tuition price, while others charge full on-campus fees plus an additional off-campus study fee. And there's every variation in between!)

Since each school determines their own policies regarding off-campus study costs and the applicability of institutional scholarships and other aid, you should confirm your school's policies with the Off-Campus Study Coordinator on your campus.


Typically the only expenses ASC participants pay directly to the CCCU are the application fee ($50) and the non-refundable confirmation fee ($300, deducted from the total housing fee at invoicing).

Program Fees:
About six weeks before each semester begins, the CCCU sends participation invoices to each home campus.  For the 2020-21 school year, that bill will feature the below ASC semester costs.


ASC Program Fees

 Instructional Fees


 Room & Board




Confirmation Deposit ($300)




Keep in mind the total program costs billed to you through your school may differ, depending on your campus's policies.

Note: Schools or individuals who pay with a credit card will also be charged a credit card service fee.

Expenses covered by ASC fees:

  • Recommended 16 hours of academic credit
  • Housing
  • Board (except for 2-3 meals on the Sydney trip)
  • All necessary transportation, lodging, food and entrance fee expenses during required program-related travel

Additional anticipated expenses:
(Anticipated expenses are estimates, which will be updated should local costs shift significantly.  You may spend more/less depending on your personal spending habits.)

  • Australian student visa (currently $500-650 AUD; subject to change)
  • Roundtrip travel between home and Brisbane, Australia (price varies based on home airport, approx. $1,600-$2,100 from US; see International Travel, below)
  • Passport (required for program application)
  • *iNext ($35, if purchased through BestSemester) OR International Student Identification Card (ISIC; some campuses process ISICs). Students on international programs are required to have iNext or ISIC.
  • A few weeks of local transport passes (approx $150-175)
  • Health insurance, valid for entire length of stay/program dates
  • Personal medical expenses, if incurred
  • Personal discretionary expenditures, including personal travel (Recommend $100-125 AUD per week)
  • Textbooks (approx. $150)
  • 2-3 meals during the Sydney trip
  • **Students with special dietary needs will have additional fees. See below.

* iNext or International Student Identification Card (ISIC). BestSemester requires all students participating in international programs to hold a valid iNext or International Student Identity Card (ISIC).  This is a supplementary ID card that provides, among other benefits, special insurance if you were to need a medical evacuation back to the United States. 

BestSemester will process an iNext, if your home campus does not issue iNext or ISIC.  The iNext is $30 (BestSemester reduced rate from the regular $36 rate) and requires students to upload a digital photo to their iNext profile. Details will be provided upon acceptance.

Note that you will be required to provide a clear photocopy or an electronic copy of your iNext or ISIC, if you purchase from your home campus.


**Special Dietary Requirements Policy

While students with special dietary requirements are welcome to study with ASC, please note that due to the nature of our program as well as our agreements with our homestay families and student housing facilities, we are only able to accommodate a limited number of special need diets at an additional cost to the student.  Prices are listed below.

If you have special dietary requirements, please be prepared to be flexible, share responsibility for your needs, and purchase some food for yourself.

Cost list (in $AUS) for students with special dietary needs:

  • Specific allergies (other than gluten) will be determined based on allergy
  • Lactose Intolerant: $90.00 per semester
  • Vegetarian: $225.00 per semester
  • Gluten Intolerant/Celiac Disease: $400.00 per semester

Given that we must make special arrangements, student must declare their preference prior to arrival on the program.  Please note that in view of the additional costs involved, students cannot request "occasional" special diets (e.g. "borderline vegetarians").  For the purposes of the program, a student must choose to be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian for the entire semester.  Charges to vegetarians apply.  (Please reference cost list above).  Payment due upon arrival at program.


Australia Studies Centre participants are responsible to book their own travel between their homes and the program. Students must plan travel arrangements to allow for participation in all required program orientation and debriefing activities. Program housing is not available outside of program dates; students traveling independently prior to or after the program are responsible for additional housing arrangements.

ASC staff will meet students at the airport (within a given timeframe) and transport them to ASC's orientation location. ASC students will receive all the information needed for travel, including specific arrival and departure timeframes, before departure for Australia.

Other things you should know if you do not arrive within the given timeframe for program pickup at the airport:

1. If you arrive earlier than the allotted program dates, such as the day before orientation begins you will need to find your own accommodations as you will not be allowed to stay in ASC housing facility you've been assigned to until the commencement of the program.

2. The ASC Program will fine you $50 if you are late to orientation due to booking your own transportation.


You can expect to use all of your Federal and State financial aid to study off-campus through the BestSemester programs. Additionally, most (but not all) campuses allow students to transfer some or all of their institutional financial aid, scholarships and grants to BestSemester programs.

Contact your Off-Campus Study Coordinator, Financial Aid Office, or other applicable office on your campus for more information and to determine how much financial aid can be applied to your off-campus semester. As anticipated expenses for your off-campus semester most likely differ from an on-campus semester, be sure to bring this page so you can adjust your financial aid statement of need.


We hope this doesn't happen!  Just in case...You need to know the BestSemester Withdrawal/Refund Policy.


(First of all, double-check. Click here to find out if you attend a CCCU school.)

Students must be enrolled full-time on a "home" campus in order to participate in ASC. If you do not attend a CCCU school, your campus may be willing to enter a one-term consortium agreement with the CCCU to allow your participation.** If not, we will try to help you enroll as a guest student through a CCCU school. Please contact the Australia Studies Centre ([email protected]) during or prior to the application phase to discuss your participation.