CHC taught me what it means to be a professional human services practitioner while helping me acknowledge my strengths and develop my skills; but it was their Christ-centred approach that helped me consider how I view human beings, what value I place on them, and what type of practitioner I would like to be.
Roxanne Stols
Christian Heritage College

CHC’s School of Social Sciences seeks to understand the forces that drive modern society. This journey of discovery allows us to make positive and significant changes not only to ourselves but the broader community. Understanding the needs of people from a godly perspective and bringing into line our stance on compassionate care and social justice is imperative to bring healing to a broken world. Major study areas include Counselling, Youth Work. Chaplaincy, Community Development and Human Behaviour. The School of Social Sciences offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, from Diploma to Masters levels, which include generalist Social Sciences studies as well as specialised areas of study.

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